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The success of a business is majorly in the hands of the work team; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The more productive team members are, the faster the business grows. Although it’s no news that employees tend to slack in their duties simply because the business isn’t theirs, as kingdom-minded women, we can’t afford to follow that trend. This is why we must bring in our A-Game and do our best in any place we find ourselves.

In essence, we need to pay extra attention to productivity. Truth is, being productive at work can be a little difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Once you get a hang of the following tips, you’ll soon find that productivity can be a breeze. So let’s go!

Stop Multitasking

Contrary to what many people think, multitasking can slow down productivity in the workplace. When you are all over the place, trying to get so many things done at the same time, it impedes your progress and you’d soon realize that instead of achieving something, you’ve achieved close to nothing. Sometimes, having so much to handle can get you overwhelmed, and you may not be able to put in your best in the tasks.

Instead of trying to juggle many things at the same time, focus on completing one task at a time.  You’ll realize that you’re getting more things done.

Learn to Take Breaks

One of the things that hamper our productivity is the lack of adequate rest. Imagine working a 9-5 without taking a break in-between. That’s simply a recipe for stress and unproductivity. Unless you’re a machine, no one should work that long without taking a rest somewhere along the way. Even employers know that a burned-out employee is of no good use to the business.

In Japan, employers encourage their workers to take power naps in between their jobs. While we may not have that luxury here, we can do other things to boost our energy level and become more productive. Take a walk; gist with some of your co-workers; grab a lunch – anything. By the time you’re back, you’ll discover that you are already feeling pumped up to attack your tasks with all vigour.



Break Down Your Goals into Bits

Setting goals is very important to the overall success of a business. However, sometimes we set big goals and we are overwhelmed merely looking at them. We don’t feel confident that we can achieve them because they feel like herculean tasks.

Truth is, those goals aren’t overwhelming; you’ve just set them in a way that feels like it. To be more productive and feel more in control of those goals, break them down into much smaller ones. That way, you can easily work towards achieving them and even track your progress along the way.

Handle the More Difficult Tasks When You’re at Your Best

We all have our peak of the day. For some, it’s the morning, then others are more alert in the afternoon or evening or even midnight. Whatever time of the day works best for you, that is when you should handle the bigger or more difficult tasks. Once you have those out of the way, you can then focus on less-tasking assignments. This is one sure way to be more productive in the workplace.

Make the Most of Your Time

Some tasks usually take little to no time to complete, but the mistake we make is putting them on hold because they don’t require much brainpower. If you don’t tackle those little tasks immediately, they continue to pile up until they’re more than you can handle. So how do we avoid this? Complete those tasks as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate; do them immediately and forget about them.


The workplace is our place of assignment, and remember what Jesus said about being faithful in another man’s work. We shouldn’t let anything stop us from doing what God wants us to do. That is why it’s important that you stay productive and put in your best.


Writer: Precious Ajala


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