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Grow In A Family

Grow In A Family

Building an internal team of partners into saints who are fully equipped for the body through a rigorous spiritual discipleship program and raising visionary leaders with governmental influence to promote God’s Kingdom Agenda on all Mountains of Influence
Join Our Meetings

Join Our Meetings

Building an external community of believing saints into strong people of God, through our outreaches and programs, as well as receiving some into the internal team of partners
A Leader Led By The Spirit

A Leader Led By The Spirit

Join this community of growing saints, dive deep into our activities, lessons and rigorous training, and watch yourself develop into a mature believer of the Word and Spirit, who is equipped to take your Mountain of Influence.

About Us

We're the Kingdom Agenda

We are a global, non-denominational ministry called a Prophetic Equipper for the Body, to raise saints who live for Christ and advance God’s Kingdom Agenda


Our Spiritual Discipleship School


Access our Spiritual Discipleship Courses via the FIREBRAND School. 

Our courses includes;

KGA is not just a group ministering to saints, we are also a home where those who belong to us don’t just serve but are refreshed, encouraged, loved, and raised

Events/Meetings this Quarter

Current Ministry Events/Meetings

The Torch Gathering & Mentoring Conference with DDK

The Torch Gathering & Mentoring Conference with DDK

Join us for two ministry events on Friday, 3rd and Saturday, 4th February 2023
DDK's Intensive Leadership & Spiritual Discipleship Program

DDK's Intensive Leadership & Spiritual Discipleship Program

Apply to be a part of DDK's Intensive Leadership & Spiritual Discipleship Program

We have a strong partnership consisting of over 2500 saints currently who support the work we do to reach out to both believers and the unreached.


What some of our partners are saying

During HPM, I received immediate answers and instructions to a career burden (questions) that has lingered in my heart for over a decade. It felt like a heavyweight left me. 

Yvonne Joseph

I want to thank my Father in heaven for not allowing anything in this world to hinder me from attending the Heavenly Portals Meeting (HPM).


At the meeting, the hand of the Lord came upon me suddenly I couldn't control myself. All I could do was scream and cry. Right there, I was asking God what the feelings meant but it wasn't clear.  When I got home, I worked a bit into the early hours of Sunday but immediately I lay on the bed, I saw an image- the feet of a bird.  It was really huge. I started casting and binding because I didn't see the full image so I thought it was something evil. I do dream but I have never seen an image so real in life. I slept off after that and by Sunday morning, the full image of an Eagle was standing right in front of my face with its wings spread over my head.


It was there throughout yesterday that I had to look into the Scriptures to see what God has to say to me and I also prayed too. Of course, God came through by granting me understanding and I will still be pressing in the place of prayer because the image hasn't left me still. It may sound unreal to people but the position the Eagle stands now is by the left side of my face with wings spread out. I sincerely do not know what that means but I am trusting God to keep speaking as I continue to tarry in His presence.

For the first time to today, my daughter of 4 years told me she had a dream of an angel visiting her.

The Lord indeed the Lord has visited my household even though I am yet to understand fully what I saw.

Thank you to PDDK and the entire KGA members.  The portals are truly opened over us.


Oluwatobiloba Adetunla

Ahhhh, I didn’t want the Heavenly Portals Meeting to end, I saw a very clear vision and I haven’t stopped praying 

Ogochukwu Innocentia

At HPM, the Lord showed me the weight and importance of my assignment and He healed my heart. I learned to trust Him as my Father, O ran omo nise fayati


Omotola Jumbo

During HPM, God touched me and kept telling me that I am accepted in the Beloved. He healed my heart of rejection. He told me I can trust Him not because I had no other alternative but because He always deliver on His promises. Heavenly resources are now available for me.

Jesusina Olasumbo

I am still lost for words about what I experienced during HPM. Just at the beginning of Minister Bunmi's ministration, I felt little drops of rain on me but I could not see it. I looked up to see if the roof was leaking. As I looked up, I saw dew, just like when it rains and the atmosphere is still dewy. I kept on looking up and was going to ask those beside me if they had felt anything drop on them. I felt so full after the meeting, a fullness that is unexplainable. The effect of the meeting was so much and is still so much that while I was sleeping the next morning, all I kept on hearing was a guileless heart being repeated

Naomi Yissa

During HPM, He visited me by sharpening my reception to hearing him clearly. Also, the heart work that was spoken of has also been a great need for me over the years and I was glad to hear that the Father has made provisions for me to go through this journey which I believe would greatly transform me. Also, I gained back my identity as Abba's daughter.

Oluwatobiloba Ogunnubi

I received God's ordination and he poured out on me the oil of service. It was indeed a lifetime experience.

I would appreciate the YouTube ink to the replay. God bless DDK and all the organizers of HPM. 

Chinenye Agwuna

On the morning of 7th August 2021, I was down (almost depressed). I was crying in my spirit. I was talking to God asking him why I continued having problems upon problems. As God would have it, the time I logged unto YouTube to follow the Portals Meeting was when the Pastor was praying in the spirit. I joined in the prayers. Then another Pastor came to lead worship. My spirit was revived immediately. It was as if I changed self. I felt no more sorrows.

I want to thank God for the grace to attend that meeting. I don't know what I would have done in that my sorrowful state.

Thank you ma for the great opportunity.

God bless you abundantly. Amen

Ifeoma Ilo

1) I received clear blue prints for my 4 children. My first daughter has started to manifest her creative talent.

2) My portals have been re-open. I believe I can count at least 10 of the heavenly portals taught by DDK that I am now experiencing. I give God all the glory. And my fire is re- ignited.


Funmilayo Fakile


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