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The Unboxed Lady

The Unboxed Lady

The buzz words in recent times have been “Feminism”, “Gender equality”, “the future-forward female”, but what do these words really mean? What do we anticipate achieving through this revolution? Are they merely words thrown around, slogans chanted without any effect?

For any real change to be achieved in this world, there must first be a renewal of the mind, a shift in one’s mindset that births corresponding actions that effects the change we seek. This wave of revolution is one that brings with it the embrace of the full potentials of the female gender. However, the question that begs to be asked is “Are we ready for this? Is the lady ready to take on her position of power and authority?”

Having been raised in a culture that once silenced the voice of the female, it would take much more than mere words, slogans, and chants for her to rise to the place of leadership and influence. The girl-child must be taught not only to play with dolls but also with cars and money. The lady must be equipped not only with make-up and dresses, but also with the skill of emotional intelligence, to balance firmness with kindness, diplomacy with discretion.

The lady must become unboxed, for her to become the woman that the world seeks today. She must unlearn the ideologies that has kept her potentials untapped, her wings clipped. She must be bold enough to take calculated risks, unafraid to venture into the unknown.

The unboxed lady is one who would not rest on her oars, for she knows that there are yet mountains to climb and heights to attain. She is one who realizes that the race is long, and her weapon is knowledge, so she seeks after it. She is an avid learner, seeking out opportunities to continually develop and equip herself.

The unboxed lady might face intense pressure from family, friends and the society, pressure to do and to be, but she is anchored in the revelation of herself and her purpose. She has her eyes fixed on the goal and will not be moved. She refuses to be shaken.

The unboxed lady knows well enough to lean on the knowledge of past heroes, be held by those who have gone ahead of her. She would not trivialize the wealth of mentors nor discard the wisdom and principles upon which the earth is founded. And yet she is discerning, sifting through and identifying that which is gold, and which is chaff.

She is rooted and founded in her source – the source of life itself – and allows Him to unravel her; to show her mysteries as He leads her into that which He alone can give – life, abundant. She is surrendered to His will, and to His way; clearly dividing between her position of authority in the world and the sovereignty of His word over her life. Only then is she fully equipped to influence Kings and Princes, while being sheltered, taught, and led by the King of Kings.

In our drive for a sustainable tomorrow, there must be room for the voice of both genders to be heard. There is no better time to remove the hitherto constraints imposed on the female, and default position of power given to the male. There must be a level ground for both to compete fairly in the board room, in the marketplace, in politics and in sports, to name a few.

And now is the time for all to do their homework, for the lady to become unboxed, be well-equipped and empowered to take on the reins, in achieving the sustainable future that we seek.

Writer: YinnieAkenzz

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