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The Ministry Support Division is a team of Comrades who bear the leadership up in prayers, ministration attendance, and other forms, for the purpose of effective ministry and in a manner that results in good stewardship. This division is an entity established in the order of Aaron and Hur lifting Moses’ hand up in the face of battle, it consists of spiritually alert and watchful women who see it as a divine assignment and a prophetic mandate to support and prayerfully cover the leadership of KGA as the commission fulfill its God-ordained purpose from time to time. The Vision is to raise a team that acts in well-knitted formation and is grounded in service to God’s Kingdom, the KGA Set Man, and the commission. Mark 9:35 – And He sat down, and called the twelve, and said to them, if anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.

Media and Communications Team Lead

  • Works with the Division Head to get DDK’s confirmed ministration invites every month and updates the schedule.

  • Creates a single schedule of 3 months calendar to keep track of DDK’s ministration and to aid timely creation of rosters of team members.

  • Creates a monthly roster of team members who must attend a program while it is open for other team members who are available to also attend in the case where the program is free.

  • Responsible for informing and reminding the team of the next ministration.

  • Sends a thank you note to the host.

  • Works with administration to ensure KGA partners are notified and invited to DDK’s ministration one week to the program.

  • Jots key points of DDK's messages, compiles them and sends them to the main KGA family group at least 2 days after every ministration in consultation with administration

  • Ensures the compilation of the team's in-house activities such as prayer points, Bible study focal points and book review and send same within 24 hours

  • Liaises with the team member(s) scheduled to attend each program to get DDK's message after the program

  • Receives the message preferably immediately after the program same day

  • Converts the message if it is not in YouTube compatible format, posts on YouTube and shares the link with KGA partners

Protocol Lead

  • Leads all appointed protocols for every KGA event

  • Identifies ministers and other special guests and honoring them appropriately

  • Ensures an excellent protocoling of guest ministers and where applicable, other special guests at all the stages of KGA events

  • Handles and ensures proper arrangement of guest minister’s accommodation, transportation and other logistics issues

  • Reminds each team member to stay prayed up throughout the event, provide support where needed and possibly minister to people at the event when necessary

Counselling Team Lead

  • Oversees all counseling and coaching activities in the unit

  • Ensures a proper and seamless training/onboarding process for counselors

  • Submits monthly reports of all counseling/coaching sessions to the Division Director

  • Ensures that a high level of confidentiality is maintained all through the Counseling process

  • Liaises and maintains a good working relationship with partner organizations and manages all correspondences in a professional and timely manner

  • Keeps track of all scheduled counseling/coaching sessions and ensures the Assistant Team Lead effectively coordinates the process

Intercessory Support and Training Lead

  • Creates a monthly schedule of prayer meetings for the team and communicates the schedule to the team at the beginning of each month

  • Confirms a suitable date for the mentoring session every quarter from the Director

  • Ensures a pre-ministration intercession for DDK, at least 24-48 hours before every ministration

  • Creates book review and Bible study schedules and sends it to the team following the approval of the Director

  • Ensures prayer leaders are followed up and reminded at least a day to the prayer meeting

  • Follows up and reminds each session lead (book review or training) of their responsibilities a day prior to the session

  • Ensures that the recording (of book review and training) is shared with the team 24 hours after every session

We have a strong partnership consisting of over 3000 saints currently who support the work we do to reach out to both believers and the unreached.