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I am so certain you’ve heard it countless times that your spouse isn’t a human without flaws and that man (no gender bias) is still man at his very best, right? What I am not sure of is how much preparedness you made to handle this flaws when they find expression.

Like everyone else, you were most likely aware of your spouse’s weaknesses and flaws during your courtship but they were easily handled within the hours you saw each other before you left for your different homes at the time. You handled them easily because you went home afterwards and there was enough time and private space to filter it out of your mind.

The beautiful day you excitedly looked forward to came, you said I DO to your love buddy and it was a dream come true to finally get on this forever journey and do life together. This time around, you are faced with more unforeseen flaws, only that this time, there’s no other home you are going. Before you know it, something else is up to deal with. I am talking about the small issues that pile up into huge drawbacks that are strong enough to rid of the love and unity in homes. The habits of not cleaning the toilet well after use, disorganization, bad time management, not covering the stew pot properly; you keep naming them.
Your ability to keep loving your spouse and ensure there is unity and peace in your marriage is determined by your wisdom quotient. In arithmetic, a quotient is the quantity produced by the division of two numbers. In marriage, your wisdom quotient is the significant increase in understanding, greater affection, more bliss, Christ-centered love, stronger togetherness that is produced by the number of times you’ve been confronted and broken by your spouse’s flaws or weaknesses.
Scripture says in PROVERBS 19:11 THAT ‘A PERSON’S WISDOM YIELDS PATIENCE; It Is To One’s Glory To Overlook An Offense spouse. We must seek wisdom all the time if we seek the good of our marriages. The type of wisdom described in James 3:17 – But The Wisdom That Is From Above Is First Pure, Then Peaceable, Gentle, And Easy To Be Entreated, Full Of Mercy And Good Fruits, Without Partiality, And Without Hypocrisy. in there until you receive your answer, appreciate your spouse’s strength, seek to be a complement, ask the Holy Spirit for help all the time. The truth is, your spouse will change along even as you also get better.

Grace and wisdom is multiplied you and I in Jesus name. Amen.

Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode


  1. Mimi says:

    Could you share some of such wisdom needed to strengthen marriages.

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