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Are you generally dissatisfied with the progress you are making at this season of life where you want to cringe under the burden of numerous legitimate responsibilities? You know deeply that God’s plan for you to succeed is very much intact but can’t seem to understand the steps He is taking you through. You can see the end from God’s perspective, however, things are not adding up. You have put your heart in many goodly and profitable things. The tension to always get things done is there, the expectations of family, friends, mentors, fans and loved ones generally. You do not doubt the fact you are on the right path to your desired future. You are engaged with activities and training that are goodly but emotionally draining. The more you take on, the more you feel psychologically drained.

You become so overwhelmed when the feeling to know more than you know, do more than what you are currently doing crops in your mind.

You seem to get on the edge with those that matter most to you whenever you are overwhelmed with the ‘doings’ on the way to finding purpose or achieving a set target. Unfortunately, these are the same people you need at this season of life to encourage, watch over and empower you.

Have you considered finding yourself and starting afresh from the place of knowledge by listing your options while meditating and the resultant effect of this is that you get understanding? Yes, take a break and make that list. What about learning to prioritize. Can you ease off a bit and have that fun with friends and loved ones? They can help you see both strengths and weaknesses in the path we have chosen for ourselves.

The most difficult and needful thing to do during this time is, REST! When you strategize from the place of rest, you fuel your passion, and your strength is renewed for the journey ahead.  From the place of rest, you can see where you are coming from, where you are going to and the right steps to take for you to get to the desired goal. What you tell yourself about yourself is paramount. Tell of your skills, talents, and exploits!  Remember the feats you have made in times of difficulties in the past. It is in the place of rest that you find serenity and tranquility to unclog your mind and see possibilities ahead. For some people, their place of rest is listening to music, to some, having a good sleep, while to some it is in talking to a counselor, however, whatever is your place of rest, locate it and use it to your advantage.

A robber of rest is past failures. You must prioritize enjoying a great present and anticipate a better future. You feel frustrated at yourself when you are faced with a temporal setback, and you remember the failures of the past. You immediately want to give up and accept the lie that that’s who you are, a failure. Moving forward, be open to counsel from someone who has worked your path and has proof either physically or gain insight through books.

Take that break! Rest from all works and shift the focus to yourself.  God also rested on the seventh day of creation.


Writer: Olubukonla Oludahunsi


  1. Adejoke says:

    Super enlightening! Thank you.

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