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I woke up one day and it was like my blind eyes were now opened. I saw my friends having their share of luxury and pride in worldly affairs. I thought to myself, “Bade, but your father is the richest. How come you are not enjoying this wealth?”

I was only living the normal life and enjoying honour from my father’s servants: having good meals, good clothes and helping my father look after his wealth by taking care of his industries and companies, but I was not allowed to spend recklessly like my other friends who had all they wanted and rode in expensive cars, went to clubs, spent to win girls and all the luxury of wealth.

I decided to meet my father and request my own share of his wealth. “I want my own money and wealth”, I told him.
I was the happiest person on earth when father handed them to me. The very next day, having packed my bags the night prior, with excitement, I left to enjoy me freshly minted inheritance.
I immediately connected with my friends. Many that saw I now had my own money and knowing I was the son of the richest man, started coming around. They sang my praises, and shared all kinds of pleasurable ideas. We enjoyed and spent my money together. They suggested ridiculous ways of making more money to me. I felt they were good ideas and expecting Father would be proud of me, I went for them.
It soon dawned on me that I was losing all the money I had.

Before I knew it, everything was gone. It was as if my inheritance had grown wings and flown away. Where did all my money go? How did I lose it all? This can not be possible! I went to meet my friends that I had lent money to and they all turned their backs on me.
I wept my eyes sore. I had loved all of them and spent lavishly on them. I thought they loved me too. What did I do to deserve this treatment and shame? They all left when there was no money. All the accolades turned to insults. They would not even offer me a room to stay when my rent came due and I was unable to pay up.

I said to myself: Oh my! I have lost it all for my greediness and pleasure. I can not even face my father for He will be disappointed in me. I better look for a job and remain here. I can’t go back home for there is no inheritance waiting for me anyway. I have lost it all, my confidence, my self esteem, my place of enthronement.
I searched high and low for a job, but the only one I could get was as a farmhand to take care of pigs. I slept with the pigs. There were days I was so hungry, that I could not resist eating some of the food for the pigs.
It all came to a head one day. I broke down weeping. Looking at myself, the son of a wealthy man, now becoming a pig, seeing as I was already living and eating with them. Instead of continuing like this, I thought: Would it not be better if I return to my father’s house and seek employment as a servant? At least I will eat three square meals which is good food in my father’s house. I know it is shameful, but I will rather bear this shame than die here with pigs. I do not want my life to end with these pigs. I will say: “Father have mercy on me and take me as your servant. I will clean your house, wash your clothes, clean and wash your car, I will do what the servants do. I know I have lost it all, no inheritance, but let me find shelter and food to live my remaining days after I have wasted so much of it along with all the riches you gave me”.

I wept some more, until I was weak and my eyes were swollen from crying. What a life I have made for myself!
And so, off I went. I was surprised to see someone running towards me when I was couple of meters away from Father’s house. My eyes were frail for drought and hunger, I thought it was one of Father’s servants. Who am I to say a word, for I have come back to become a servant also. Tears streamed down my eyes and as my eyes cleared I realised the runner was my Father. I fell to my knees weeping. Oh Father, I am sorry! I am sorry!! To my amazement, father jumped excitedly at my return and hugged the filthy me so hard, rejoicing at my return. He would hear nothing of my being a servant in his household.

Oh how my Father loves me so much. He called to the servants: “Prepare a feast immediately! There is party tonight! And bring the best and new robe for my son after he has been washed. Put the nicest perfume on him.”

It felt good to be royal again, and I learnt my lesson. I went further to gain more knowledge to help me administer father’s wealth judiciously. Meanwhile, I stayed away from my bad friends who came back to woo me to themselves a second time.

My name is Bade, the prodigal son. Here are some of my lessons:
1. Money loves those who spend wisely and multiply it. It is like giving it its own children. Those who spend it carelessly without a plan will lose it.
Money goes to those that have the knowledge of its

2. God puts us in charge of His resources to properly manage them. We need to acquire knowledge to manage it properly.
When we do not work, we will not value the reward. That is why God gave man work to enjoy His riches.

3. Wealth is beyond enjoyment. It is becoming a blessing, living life to enrich other lives.
The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty. Prov 21:5 (NKJV)
Writer: Faith Oyebade

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