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Having to deal with some physically challenged, or sick children can be overwhelming. The pain, hurt and demand of tending to them could be beyond words. It seems hard to imagine the pain of hoping daily for miracles, or believing that God will turn the story into glory and with that, wipe away every tears.
I know a child that was born blind from his mother’s womb. Hard to imagine? What do you think would have been the fate of his mother when the doctor told her that her new innocent child could not see. Some may say her that she probably didn’t take the necessary medical prescriptions, or that she may have been careless. Others could add that the boy’s condition may have been hereditary. Which ever ‘MAYBE IT IS, MAYBE IT WAS’ that people say is it, still, it is the child’s mother that will likely bear the daily brunt of having to look after, and care for her blind child from infancy to his teenage years.
In most cases, some people may never really understand what such a mother could be going through, knowing that only a few persons may be available to help her. One of the solutions we must seek in this situation, is to find out God’s side of the story.
What is God saying about it? I remember a similar case in the bible, when they asked Jesus why a man was born blind. They wanted to know whom they could put the blame on, or better put, whose fault it was that the man was born blind. The amazing part of this story was Jesus’ answer to their question. His response swallowed the verdict!!! He said it’s not because of anyone’s error or fault, but FOR THE LORD TO BE GLORIFIED!!!
Have you ever thought that what you may be going through over your child, could be a way for God to glorify himself? Yes there is pain, yes there are tears, yes there are demands which tend to weigh you down, but ALL OF THESE ARE COMING TOGETHER TO GLORIFY GOD !!! Don’t give up on that child, don’t listen to the lies of the devil, don’t succumb to the pressures around, rather seek God’s opinion about the situation and hold on to Him. You will yet testify!
I can never forget in a hurry, the story of Mephiboseth. He was dropped on his feet and he became lame. Before you know it, he became the responsibility of a nurse. When the whole world dumped and abandoned a lame boy, his own mother left him behind too. She could have cared for him, the prince’s life could have been protected, and her memoir written in the chronicles as a great woman who raised a physically challenged prince. But what a pity, the word of God was silent about her! She was among the nameless in the bible, and a generation yet unborn couldn’t call her blessed! Please be encouraged beloved, don’t drop that boy, don’t abandon that girl, don’t give up on those SEEDS OF PURPOSE who may have been specifically and intentionally given to you by God.
We need to stand firm on our conviction that children are gifts given by God, as all good and perfect gifts come from him. Even if they are mentally, physically or ‘health-wise’ challenged, we should not give up on them or compare them with others. They are “SEEDS OF PUPOSE” they must be planted in God to bear fruits for his glory. We must rejoice that we are privileged to work with Him to bring forth these Kingdom Gems. It must not become a burden to us, we must see them as Jehovah’s blessings and treat them as such. God is our exceeding great reward. Amen

Writer: Odetola Funm

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