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As we journey on through life, it is critical to be joyful women, because women carry a powerful deposit of emotion beyond logic and if your emotion is untouched by joy, your life may lack motivation. Joy gives the soul a reason to go on and it is the best makeover the spirit can get.

While humans were busy discovering cars that run on water, and other interesting things in life, we stumbled on some timeless truths and fun facts about joy and the believing woman and thought to share with you.

Did you know that:

Joy is a spiritual force field that is beyond an emotion. It is a spiritual impartation that can radiate from our spirits into our souls and find expression in our daily living.

Joy is the outward expression of our inward experience, it is the lifestyle of the believer. It is Faith smiling or maybe more aptly, laughing Faith.

Joy is a secret God shares with you. Sometimes, you don’t even understand what’s up with you but you can’t help the taste of delight in your spirit.

Joy finds you; it is mostly not a place you go, it’s a cloud that comes to you. It’s a powerful cloud that moves over your spirit and propels you.

Joy births God’s glory and allows you experience God!

Depression is like a dark cloak over the spirit. Joy is like the veils are lifted and revelation comes to you!

Faith is a place, if you stay there, Joy will find you. If we leave the place called faith, Joy will come to that place and not find us at home. Joy doesn’t come and go, we come and go.

Faith is sighting the future…Joy is experiencing that future first hand before getting into it materially.

Joy is the emotion that faith creates.

Joy is the tickle of the Spirit! It is a fragment of eternity’s excitement.

Joy is that moment when God causes you to share in His laughter by dropping Himself into your spirit!

Joy is predominantly a victor’s delight about the future God has created which makes you enjoy the future before others!

Joy is an outward expression of an inward experience. So, if your heart is full of faith, it will overflow in joy.

Joy isn’t always loud, sometimes it’s quiet.

Joy is a bandwidth all the way from quiet delight to extravagant rejoicing.

Joy births meditation, it can be quiet.

Joy can make your heart tender, and it can make it soar.

Joy is an outflow of depths and dimensions.

Joy is a permanent response to an obtained inheritance.

We don’t create Joy. We receive it.

Joy is an abstraction of eternity.

Joy is one of the most powerful ways to remain consistent in life. It grounds you, solidifies you and makes you positively predictable.

Joy is a constant line drawing a continuum in your journey, untouched by circumstances.

Joy gives you victory over grumbling and complaining.

Joy is not make believe.

Joy is reckless abandon.

Joy is how we can express the best of our womanhood. It is how we stay at peace in storms, submit in spite of our spouses’ failings, remain beautiful women even with a slim budget for our wardrobe, make the best of meals in spite of management of resources.

Joy is how we build a home everyone runs back to come into no matter what side of town we live; it is how we build a life that is beautiful to God and enjoyed by us.

Joy creates a force field so sweet!

Joy amplifies the goodness in our lives
And even helps us make fun of the odds. Because we truly feel above them

Receive Joy today. The Holy Spirit is a dispenser of Joy, come to Him today, He is a free flowing fountain.


Article by Funmi Owo (Culled from DDK’s teachings on Joy)

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