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Kunle, please wait for me,” His companion said.

“Why are you walking so quickly and confidently? Aren’t you terrified of the dark?” He added.

Kunle replied, “Why should I be? There is no light here. When there is darkness, Daddy always reminds me to turn on the light.”

They continued going down the rocky route in silence. Mark couldn’t take it any longer and screamed, “I am out of here! It is eerily quiet. Someone might grab us.”

Kunle silently beckoned his pal, indicating that they were almost on the other side.

Mark cautiously hurried to catch up with Kunle and asked why he had been so self-assured despite all the obstacles they had encountered, especially the current deafening quiet.

Kunle took a big breath and stated, “I believe Daddy is somewhere watching us with excitement, hoping and believing that we would finish the race well. He has run this race a hundred times with others before us.” When Kunle told his friend this, Mark’s countenance brightened with relief and gratitude. He had thought they were alone.


Has this been your experience or feeling for a while?

Moses had a similar experience when he was leading the people of Israel to the Land of Promise. He got to a point where he told God he would not go unless God went with them. The question is: What or who were they going with before then? Why did Moses say this at that point?

A clue to this question is in Exodus chapter 32:1


The Audacity of Apostasy Exodus 32: ppt download

Do we see? They had gone after less than the best because of impatience. Did they get it? Yes! For how long? A fleeting moment! Temporary satisfaction!

However, Moses knew that the only thing that could make a meaningful and restful life is God’s Presence. IN ALL, whether in good times or challenging times, we need the PRESENCE OF GOD to help us and carry us through. It should be the reality of every believer, even when we don’t feel it. IN ALL, his presence is where our answers lie. The mindfulness of God’s Presence saves us, gives us rest and wisdom, delivers us from danger, and makes us pleasing to Him.

Follow this part of Moses’s conversation with God in Chapter 33 of Exodus


16 If you do not go with us, nobody will know about you. Nobody will know that we give you pleasure. We will not be special people. We will be like everyone else in the world.’

 17 And the Lord said to Moses: ‘I will certainly do this thing that you have asked for. This is because you give me pleasure. Also, I know you by your name.’

 18 Then Moses said: ‘Please, show me your *glory!’

(Easy English Translation)


The consequent effect of God’s Presence is glory. When we spend time in His presence, we pick up on His aura. Some people pray, “God, show me your glory,” to have large houses, cars, and other material possessions. That is why we make mistakes. Glory is not the fruit of fleshly cravings. Glory is the expression of god’s likeness in and through us in all ways. We experience it by staying in God’s Presence. It doesn’t fall from the sky or emerge from nowhere because we yearn for it or foolishly seek it for fleshly consumption. Does this imply that all these material things are evil? A resounding NO. The point is, when we witness His glory as a result of His presence, God becomes our priority, and becoming like Jesus becomes our objective. All the other benefits are additions.

The Bible says in Isaiah 60


See the source image

The question for all of us is this: how do you activate and stay conscious of his presence which you already carry? Where are you arising from?

Kindly share your view with us so we can learn and grow together.


Writer: Sandra Onojetah

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