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The Curves in Motherhood

The Curves in Motherhood


Recently, I introspectively thought about the journey of being a mother and I realized how many curves I have gone through, and how I have been changed and become better at it. The journey of life is characterized by a not-so-straight journey which you can also see as having very curvy bends. Curves literally take us out of a straight line- a journey that we are on and then, we begin to see the line straight again. Picture yourself driving or being driven in a car- you have been on a very smooth, pothole-free road then at some point, that same road has a sharp bend or a very curvy bend that requires the steering to be turned round and round until it is straightened again. This is typical of every life journey and in this particular context, the journey of motherhood.

These curves characterize the different experiences, learnings, journeys, seasons and actions that we take as we fulfill responsibilities as mothers to our children. Often, these curves are drawn and engineered for various reasons – because our eyes must be opened to certain truths, the need to grow and be more mature, the need to embrace certain realities, the need to trust in God and not ourselves, the need to come to a full stop and re-evaluate.

Let’s take the learning curve as a quick example. As you begin to care for another human being, you will definitely learn new things, taking in new knowledge, making new discoveries about yourself, spouse, culture, medications, why babies/children act the way they do, timelines and milestones of babies’ growth, the hows, the different ways etc.

Interestingly, these curves, as long as they make you better and make your motherhood journey even more beautiful, are not curves you ever want to flatten because it’s a great way to see how far you have come. They represent the different scenarios of learning, discoveries and actions you’ve taken on this journey of motherhood. Most importantly, they show how much you have trusted in and depended on God for a successful motherhood journey.

Dear Sis, it is such an humbling experience to be trusted by God enough that He gave us His own heritage to care for. On this motherhood journey, there will be a lot of experiences or curves to go through, but they will only leave us as better persons if we truly let God’s wisdom guide us through.

Cheers and Grace to you and I in Jesus name.

Writer: Adenike D-light.

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