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Preaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.

Preaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.



Daniel is often referred to as being a skilled and anointed man to the end that the glory of God was made manifest in the presence of the kings he served. Would you love for the same to be said about you?

The great commission is not only about preaching in the streets with megaphones. If you are reading this, you probably live in a technology-savvy society where the church is firmly established. You are probably a student, employed or running a business, you may be currently unemployed or a stay-at-home mom. Whatever the case may be, you have a doorway or an opportunity through which you may engage with the world and not just the frequent mission trips organized by your church. Day in, day out, you have an opportunity to touch lives and bring souls to the kingdom.

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When God created the heavens and the earth, He did an excellent job. He did not leave anything to chance, neither did He procrastinate on His projected work. For six days, God did the work of creation until the seventh day when He rested. Beloved, it is recorded that God looked upon everything He did at each point saying “It is good”.

The first step to becoming a representative of His Kingdom on earth and a true ambassador of the gospel is to ask yourself this question, “Is your work good?”. Can you truly at the end of the day look upon what you have done and say “this is good”. Not with the attitude of a perfectionist who strives for abstract and undefined goals, but with an attitude that wants to be a vessel for showcasing God’s excellence.


As a Christian, your work should be set apart. You should be known for diligence, for integrity, for excellence, and for timeliness. This, in itself, is a form of godliness. This is because Jesus himself was not a sloppy worker. Whatever assignment He was given, He did with a joyful heart and a reverence for God. Take a second to imagine if Jesus had His own “secular” engagement – perhaps as a carpenter according to Joseph’s trade, how do you think His conduct would be? Do you revere God even in your secular “work”? Are you known as the lazy employee who never shows up on time? Do you gossip at work? Do you fail to manage your business as it should be? Or are you working to the glory of God by displaying professionalism at every opportunity?

The love of God at work in you, and the power of the Holy Spirit resting inside of you should create a desire in you to do good and empower you to bring God’s best to everything you lay your hands upon. Goliath was a skilled warrior, but young David, who was not as skillful or experienced, said of God: “He teaches my hands to war”. In other words, his warring skills was as a result of David’s relationship with God! David did not separate his workmanship from the anointing of God within him. Whenever David went to war, God went to war too! Whenever David placed his hands on the harp to play, God played too! Beloved, the work that you do is not isolated from your walk with God. Today, determine in your heart to leverage the power of God in you to be who He created you to be at all places – whether in or outside the church.

A man diligent in his work will be able to stand before kings – this is what the Bible says. If your work gives you audience before kings, then know that you have a priceless opportunity to represent the kingdom of God.


As a worker, be skilled. And as a Christian, understand that you are anointed to preach the gospel. Do not allow a lack of diligence or unprofessionalism prevent men from listening to you or shut their hearts towards you. Even in the workplace, strive to show the love of God by bringing your best every time you show up. If you find yourself lacking in wisdom or strength to do so, simply ask and He will provide. While you are doing this, utilize the opportunities you get to communicate the love of God in words and in actions. God bless you!

Writer – Ifeoluwa Shoola.

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