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It’s better now

It’s better now


Mum: “Susan, please get my pink shoes for me from the wardrobe”

Susan: (No response, just playing with her computer)

Mum: “Susan, I will switch off that computer if you don’t bring me the slippers now”.

Susan ( still no response, just engrossed in her game)

(FINALLY mum stood up and went to get the slippers herself, grumbling)

Mum: *”This Susan is just too stubborn”*

*”she does not listen to me”.*

*”I have been calling her without any response”*

*”What kind of child is she?”*

If you are a mum, or a child (as I am certain we all have been), this scenario may be familiar to you. Mothers give instructions, rules and orders, and when our children fail to obey these instructions, rules and orders immediately or fully, we are quick to tell our children about the consequences of their disobedience but NEVER FIRM ENOUGH TO IMPLEMENT THEM.

This is mainly because we are quick to speak without thinking through what we say.

When this happens a few times, our children become aware that those words are empty threats. And that we would likely not do what we say.

Our lack of firmness in following through with consequences of disobedience with our children have far-reaching effects. You may not have understood that by doing so, you are raising children who believe there are no consequences for bad behaviour – they can always get away with their bad behavior. Such mind-set and behavior can grow out of control with dangerous repercussions if not properly checked.

The good news here is that God has given us a privilege to be parents of our children and not a hireling. As parents, mothers especially, we have been graced with a rare uniqueness to build up our children into living monuments. We have been provided a blueprint to help navigate the building process through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

There is a popular saying: *Life is in stages and men are in sizes* Children right from the womb go through different stages of development and it is only right for us as mothers to become aware of these different developmental stages and dish out the appropriate training and discipline needed by the child.

What we find in today’s world is that parents have lost sight of the blueprint – children are becoming parents to their Dad and Mom instead of the other way round. They throw tantrums, they decide how, when, where and with whom they want things to be done.

WATCH OUT, MOM! While it is true that at some stage of a child’s life, they should be given some level of freedom, it is important for you to know WHEN AND HOW this freedom should be given.

It’s better now for all mothers to be INTENTIONAL in the way they raise up their kids using the blue print God has given to us.

Nobody has the blue print for *your own children except their Creator.* Spend time in prayer for each of your children and be INTENTIONAL in figuring out how best to raise them to be champions for Christ. Let us stop the excuses and become INTENTIONAL for they are our INHERITANCE.

*How can we do this now?*

Be what you want in your child. You are the first teacher, the first example and the first rolemodel for your child.

Ask their Father; the Creator the right questions.Seek his guidance concerning each child.

Learn from parenting examples around you ( both failed or successful examples).


Our questions are:

How intentional are you in raising your child?
What are you going to start today or do differently?
Do you know the Father’s mind for your Children?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Click on the comment button and drop your view

2 thoughts on “It’s better now”

  1. Tayo says:

    ‘Be what you want in your child. You are the first teacher, the first example and the first role model for your child’. This is where to start from. When it gets overwhelming, we can draw strength from God our Father because sometimes it gets challenging when we try to do it on our own. Thank you for the reminder to take God on every step of the way.

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