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DDK'S ILDP Graduation Dinner

A Glorious Army is emerging, just as Prophet Joel prophesied concerning the coming day of our Lord. You are a part of that army, that’s marching against the gates of hell in this final hour.

You’ve just undergone 18 immersive weeks of training that has made you dexterious.

18 immersive weeks which sharpened your cutting edge.

18 immersive weeks that strengthened your rigour! The Joel 2 army were unperturbed by hinderances or challenges. This is you!

Now that you’ve undergone the training, it’s time to be deployed.

This is not the end, but it is the beginning of the NEXT!

Here is PDDK’s special message to you. 

You’ve pushed through the resistance and you are here today. 

So, join us for an amazing ILDP Graduation Ceremony which will occur at 5pm WAT on Friday, 25 August 2023

PDDK will be sharing KGA’s vision and the direction for the NEXT.

And because you are a part of that emerging army, you know, you should be at the dinner.

The ILDP Graduation celebration will occur in 2 cadres

The ILDP Graduation Dinner will hold at 5pm WAT on Friday, 25 August 2023.

The dinner ticket is NGN 65,000.

However, the early bird ticket price is NGN 50,000. This discounted ticket price will revert back to the original price on 1 August 2023.

Your ticket gives you access to the ILDP Graduation Dinner and a ILDP goody bag.

The dinner is open to all ILDP disciples and they can also purchase extra tickets for guests

Heavenly Portals Meeting is your “announcement” as an ILDP disciple.

You can register to attend the Heavenly Portals Meeting here. It’s important to note that there will be a ILDP Graduates/Alumni roll call during this meeting. 

If you will not be attending the dinner, we strongly encourage you to attend the Heavenly Portals Meeting. 

If you are interested in the ILDP goody bag (Graduation pack), you can access it at a token cost of NGN 20,000.

This is only available to those who are attending HPM only. 

So take this as your special invitation to a banquet.

It’s a banquet with good food, fun and FIREBRAND conversations.

It’s a banquet that you do not want to miss. 


Because this is how you celebrate!

Even if your life was full previously, your bandwidth has been expanded
And it is time to celebrate your win!
These meetings are key ways of celebrating this milestone for those who successfully completed the examinations and those who chose not to write the exams. 

What to expect at the Dinner

Vision Casting

Good Vibes



Good Food

Come dressed in your tux and dinner dress!

HPM is a worship, miracles and commissioning meeting that has been inspired by the HolySpirit to release God’s Supernatural Healing Power
HPM historically began in 2021, where God told us to convene prophetic worship gatherings where He would open heavenly portals into our own spiritual portals as He continued to strengthen the placement of His church to solve enigmas in the world and confront the agenda of satan against humanity.
As a distinguished ILDP Alumnus, knowing all you’ve learnt about the Leadership Call to Arms, you definitely want to be at this meeting. 
There will be a roll call of the ILDP alumni on this day. 
Access more information about HPM here

What to expect at HPM

Deliverance through Worship

Healing Encounters

Spiritual Gifts Activation

Supernaturally opened portals

Heavenly Blueprints

Supernatural Solutions

KGA Leadership Ordination

ILDP Alumnus Roll Call

Are you ready to celebrate this milestone in an EPIC way?

DDK’s ILDP Dinner held on 25 August 2023.