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Hey Gorgeous Mom,

How are you and your munchkins doing today? How is motherhood going for you? Sure you are staying committed to always give it your best and leaning on God’s grace for success?

Today, let’s talk about your person, who you are and the potential of what you might become in your motherhood journey. It is a great privilege to have little humans to care for, nurture, protect, train and guide. As much as this can be overwhelming at times, it is also fulfilling to see our children happy. The smiles on their faces energize our tired bodies and fuel our desires to be there for them. Beyond the day to day activities of mothering your children, it is very imperative that you give attention to who you are and even who you are becoming as this impacts greatly on all you do as a mother and ultimately on your children.

Many women didn’t set out to be moms with any negative behavioral pattern, and most certainly many had formed a mental image of the loving, caring, protective, organized, well-mannered mothers they’d be. But as they lived life one day after another, they almost couldn’t live up to their mummy goals because of who they had become as mothers. You see, our upbringing and pre-motherhood experiences have great influences on who we may become as mothers, the resultant effects are a mix of good and bad; some we can easily identify and some find expressions as reactions to situations and demands. I remember an aunt who said she grew up in a family where proper hygiene was far reaching and she had made up her mind to give her husband and children proper hygiene routine in her home. She can’t afford to be that mother whose children can’t know by sight, what a clean environment, water, food, and clothes means. Some women are constantly bitter and angry because of past experiences with their relatives, friends, allies, colleagues, church folks and this emotion came with them into motherhood. Some are just disorganized, untidy and messy; some do not have the habits of praying and being spiritually minded, some are laid-back in task execution, some do not know how to show initiative, creativity or resourcefulness, some have bad personal values, some saw their parents relate badly with people in public places, some mothers are not accommodating in their homes so no one can live with them etc. And there are women who picked up character defects while in motherhood and you find them saying,” I haven’t always been like this”.

Dear beautiful mom, when people see your children, they’d know the kind of mother you are. I know you want to be the best mother possible to your children and you are striving at this every day. The very reason you are being urged to be careful who you are becoming is for posterity sake. It is highly important to note that prior and current experiences can shape you into a kind of person tomorrow. What kind will it be? Regardless of how you were raised by your mom, your childhood, teenage or adulthood experiences, the many disappointments and let-downs you’ve had, the manner in which your first family was ran, you have the ultimate decision of what and who you become as a mother.
Posterity isn’t only about wealth; it is so much more about the values and great character we pass on to our children, the mind wholeness and individual completeness they get from us. Pastor Tunde Bakare would always refer to his children as the letter to the future he wouldn’t see. What this means is that after we are long gone at full age, our children would carry on the kind of message we have always preached, the kind of persons we were, the kind of live we lived. So, it puts a great responsibility on us to write good letters to that future so that generations after would know who we were even though they didn’t meet us physically.

So, dear mom, what character defects do you have to deal with so you can become a better person? Your children will take these batons from you and carry them on if not dealt with. May it not be said of you that you handed over batons full of negatives to your children. At the very heart of personal development are constant self awareness, evaluation and change. I urge you to do constant deep introspection every day and be intentional about it. What character flaws can you see in yourself, what bad habits have you engaged in, what is your daily living like? What are your mummy goals and how close are you to achieving them? These questions will keep the eyes of your heart open and alert to always take redress when necessary.

Remember, as you journey on in your motherhood, when we say be careful who you are becoming. It is for posterity sake. Grace to you in Jesus name.


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Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode

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