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The Torch Gathering 2023

The Torch Gathering is a Prophetic Gathering for the establishment of Saints in this season of trans-generational and inter-generational transfers.

This meeting is for doctrinal discipleship and tooling to mature and strengthen saints to steward the Mandate in the times we live in, by the Strength, Strategy, and Speed of the Spirit.


Meet Our Guest Ministers

Pastor Dele Osunmakinde

Pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Minister Sunmisola Agbebi

Mentoring Conference with DDK

The Mentoring Conference with DDK is an exclusive convening in Spirit and Scriptures, designed specifically to raise both male and female Sons into Soldiers.

This spiritual convening is to raise a Flaming Army of Kingdom Leaders and empower God’s sons for effectiveness, impact, and longevity in the pursuit of God’s Purpose and advancement of His Kingdom Agenda.

What to Expect at The Torch Gathering & The Mentoring Conference with DDK

Worship & Ordination Prayers

Intensive Teachings & Prophetic Panel Session

The Anointing & Communion

The Mentoring Conference with DDK & The Torch Gathering are hosted by Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance (KGA).

These two strategic meetings are scheduled for Saturday, 4th of February 2023.

Men and women are invited to attend this meeting. 

About Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance​​

Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance is a non-denominational ministry called as a Prophetic Equipper for the Body, to raise saints who live for Christ and advance God’s Kingdom Agenda.

Our mandate is to present the saints as fully matured – Colossians 1:28. 

Access our Ministry Brochure below for more information about us.