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The Torch Gathering and Mentoring Conference with DDK

The Torch Gathering is a Prophetic Gathering for the establishment of Saints in this season of trans-generational and inter-generational transfers.

The Torch Gathering also features Mentoring Conference with DDK which is an exclusive convening in Spirit and Scriptures, designed specifically to raise both male and female sons into soldiers.

The meeting is themed “The Glorious Reign of Christ“.  God wants to reign in your home, campus, ministry and all that concerns you. The Torch Gathering is the meeting that empowers you to live fully for Christ in 2024.

This meeting is for doctrinal discipleship and will strengthen you to mature as a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will learn how to steward the mandate in the times we live in, by the strength, strategy, and speed of the Spirit.

At this spiritual convening, God is raising Flaming Army of Kingdom Leaders and empowering God’s sons for effectiveness, impact, and longevity in the pursuit of God’s Purpose and advancement of His Kingdom Agenda.

You will be equipped for effectiveness, impact and longevity whether you are a ministry gift, marketplace apostle or you serve in any capacity as a believer in your sphere of influence.

Meet Our Guest Ministers

Pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Director Bukola Ogunwale

Director Toyin Banjo

Director Adetutu Adelaja

Director Ife Freeman

Director Arounke Emmanuel

Director Anwuli Ngene

Minister Debbie Amole

What to Expect at

Worship and Ordination Prayers

You will engage in heartfelt worship and pray ordination prayers that will launch you into your next level.

Intense Teachings & Mentoring Session

You will schooled in the Scriptures and enjoy a mentoring questions and answers session with PDDK and the Directors that provides answers to life's challenges.

Anointing and Communion Service

You will be anointed and energised with the strength of the Spirit to fulfill your calling and rise to the stature of sonship as a saint.

KGA Family Meetup

You will enjoy heartfelt connection with other siblings

Kingdom Council's Leaders Ordination

New Leaders will be ordained as Kingdom Catalyst. These Leaders will lead the Kingdom Council under the Directorate of Director Ife Freeman.

Ministry Review 2023

Significant Progress about the ministry and the vision for the next will be shared with the house.