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End of Year Retreat

Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance End of Year Retreat is a meeting that equips and empowers God’s Children for the next year and seasons. The retreat is a vision-casting meeting where God shows us the prophetic outlook for the next year.

This is where God hands to His children, the blueprint for the next.

The meeting propels every participants for the NEW and the NEXT!

This year, we will be retreating for two days – Friday, 15th December and Saturday, 16th December at a retreat centre.

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Do you desire to recharge and renew for the new year?
Do you desire to know God’s heartbeat for 2024?
Do you want step-by-step blueprints that shows you what you should be doing to access all that the Lord has for you in 2024?
Join us at the End of the Year Retreat. An atmosphere of wisdom, counsel, power and renewal.
Turbo-charge your year with worship encounters, scriptural empowerment, prophetic prayers  and vision-casting meeting at the End of the Year Retreat.

What to Expect - Day 1 - End of Year Retreat


Intensive Teaching


What to Expect - Day 2 - End of Year Retreat

Intensive Teaching


Vision Casting

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