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Dr Esther Longe

Dr Esther Longe

Dr Esther Longe is a transformative leader whose life’s purpose is to reconnect people back to intimacy with God. She is committed to proving the necessary structures and motivation to liberate individuals, families, and nations from the strongholds of their past, the limitations of their present so that they can be launched into the future that God has scripted for them. 

She has a unique ability to take complex issues and simplify them into easy to understand concepts and instructions that are easy to digest and if adopted, will bring about necessary change and reformation.

She is a speaker, author, teacher, an encourager’s encourager, coach, and a Unicorn leader. As a Unicorn leader, she works with people to embrace their uniqueness  as well as discover their strength, joy, calling and anointing in God. She is completely committed to reconnecting people with God and empowering them to embrace and shine their God given light.

She is also the founder of God in Real Life Outreach. A ministry committed to helping people experience intimacy with God and encounter Him in their every day life. The ministry has several expressions including Broken, God in Real Life, The Alternative Business School (TABS) and the G.O fellowship.

She is a trained marketing strategist with a BSc. in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, a Masters in Marketing from the University of South Wales, UK, a  Masters in Research and a PhD in Marketing both from the University of Bath, UK.

She has worked with Global brands such as PwC, GT Bank, Pizza Express, Wrigleys  to mention a few. She has also served as a Super Mentor for the FCMB Sheventures Programme and she is a facilitator for the Africa Green Grant award.

She is happily married with 2 children.