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DDK's Intensive Leadership and Spiritual Discipleship Program

In these last days, a Glorious Army will emerge, just as Prophet Joel prophesied concerning the coming day of our Lord. We are so blessed to be members of Christ’s Ecclesia – His Holy Church, marching against the gates of hell, and in this final hour, our ADVANCE must be SUPERNATURAL.

Joel 2 (extract)

They run like mighty men, They climb the wall like men of war; Every one marches in formation, And they do not break ranks. They do not push one another; Every one marches in his own column. Though they lunge between the weapons, They are not cut down.

Read Joel 2

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A Generation with Vision and Conviction

Over the course of the last 26 years of following Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and Captain; as well as 20 years of serving my life’s assignment through ministry, I have been greatly blessed to experience the power of pure conviction in the pursuit of His will!

I know beyond a doubt that when vision and conviction meet, a spiritual realm of fire is unlocked, that becomes the propelling influence to step into glorious things with and for the Lord.

Today, we are a generation in need of vision and conviction! We desperately need the Anointing of God’s Holy Spirit to produce in our hearts irrevocable persuasion regarding who we are and whose we are. 

Right now, the Lord’s Burden is for a new breed of saints, sons and stewards who will amplify the Lord’s Mission, Message and Mandate in this hour! 

Matthew 16:17-19 (NKJV)

Beloved, our work is truly cut out for us and this is why the Scriptures say woe to the one who is at ease in Zion!

For me, I have always known that Conviction is the cure for Complacence, because we cannot serve the Perfect Plans of Christ, until we become consumed by His Passions! (Amos 6:1, Ephesians 5:14; Isaiah 51:17; Isaiah 52:1; Isaiah 60:1; Malachi 4:2; Romans 13:11)

For so many years, the Lord has continued to grow His precious burden upon my heart and hands to raise for Him Kingdom Leaders, who will stand as valiant vessels, voices and visionaries of God’s Kingdom Agenda across ministry, missions, marriage, marketplace and all realms of manifestations in the earth. This is the work I have continued to humbly serve through Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance, FIREBRAND Movement, as well as through our Revival Meetings, Teachings, Ministry School, Books and Courses.

As you know, leadership is not first about a position, but a posture of conviction, courage and commitment. Indeed, if we are going to do anything of eternal significance for the Lord in this generation, we must allow the Lord to sharpen our capacity, as He places us within the context of surrender, sonship and service.

An Invitation to Destiny-Defining Divine Dealings

This year, by the leadership of the Holy Spirit; I am embarking on a journey of spiritual discipline and discipleship with my sons, daughters, proteges and partners; who are ready to deepen their roots in our Kingdom Heritage, go further in the School of the Spirit, and expand capacity for their life’s assignment, especially in 2023 and for the coming years. This is rigorous spiritual growth and leadership development experience that will prune you for productivity, impact and longevity.

Our ministry, Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance, is the core framework for your service internships and leadership deployments, because whether called to ministry or not; you need a system of stewardship to unlock your divine greatness.

While this program is open to non-members of KGA, I believe you’d maximise our discipleship relationship by moving forward to become a Member of the Ministry.

Please note that this Intensive is open to Men and Women. Registration closes on Sunday, 19th February 2023. We encourage you to study Program Requirements, Agreements and Admission Details BEFORE applying.

Program Requirements

Men and Women

Program is open to Bible-Believing Born-Again Saints (both male and female), in a faithful relationship with Christ.

Mentorship Classes

Diligently attend and participate in weekly mentorship classes

Activation Vigils

Attend 4 Live ACTIVATION Vigils (March, April and May 2023)

Prayer Calls

Join Mandatory Prayer Calls: 3 - 5 Mornings (WAT) Weekly


Develop a Discipleship Intention Plan


Submit weekly reviews, assignments & Leadership Essays


Participate in Field Evangelism, Missions and Intercessions

Log Book

Fill your Weekly Accountability Logbook


This 12-Week Intensive Leadership and Spiritual Discipleship Program runs from Monday, 6th March 2023 till Sunday, 28th May 2023

Mentoring Conference

If admitted into the Program, attendance is mandatory at DDK's Mentoring Conference


Serve within a Functional Service Unit or Directorate in Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance


Document a Life and Leadership Roadmap, based on provided template (to capture God’s Vision for you in 2023 and the Decade)

After the 12-Week Intensive Program, you will continue to be part of a well-paced Year-Long Discipleship System including;

Your Unequivocal Agreements

Admission Details

Please note that the final decision on admissions lies with us. Application does not equal admission

We will carefully and prayerfully screen all applications to select students into this batch of the Program. We will be in touch by email regarding the final outcome of your application. 

Pro Tip: We encourage you to put great thought into your Statement of Purpose to offer us clarity about where you are in your life.

God bless you!